Quick Post Before I Go Out

YSL lipstick
H&M Denim Shirt

Naomi Campbell
Leather Skirt
(United Colors of Benetton Cardigan, H&M Men's Denim Shirt, Hell Bellz T-Shirt, H&M Skirt)

I Took Him Everywhere Including the Movies

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(Forever 21 Dress, United Colors of Benetton Cardigan, Aldo Shoes)

Christmas Eve. After having a delicious yet unfilling lunch at Bottega Louie with my girls, my sister and I headed to our usual Christmas Eve destination, i.e., Bert's house. this time, including two of our dogs, Charcoal and Daisy. When we got to Bert's house we were greeted by Dan's Lola and Bert's Abba.

So sorry for the lack of updates. I've been super duper busy taking care of four dogs and just spending time chillaxing at home. I missed LA so much. I'm going back to SF for NYE but I think I'm going to come home more often. Every pay check I get I might get myself a plane ticket to LA. hehe
Btw, Thank you guys for letting me know about the Who What Wear feature! yay!


cardigans and print tights

image source: Tumblr

Bust the Music

Miranda Kerr

image source: I think I got it from Studded Hearts. <-- Super Great Fashion Inspiration Blog

Turn the Lights Off So I Can Glow

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by Men's Denim Shirt, Charlotte Russe Sequin Dress, Alice + Olivia for Payless Boots)

Just taking a break from my final project(s)
I went to a fun dinner with some lovely ladies today, which ended up with me eating 5 cupcakes.I can still taste the cupcakes in my mouth. hehehe
Aimeeways, I'll try to post pictures of the dinner later this week after my finals
Till then,Have a wonderful week beautiful people!
Love, Aimee

Rainy Latte

Urban Outfitters Coat
Trench Coat from Urban Outfitters
Retro Hair
Steve Madden Booties
Chocolate Cake Evelyn's Cake
Vanilla Latte
(Urban Outfitters Coat, H&M Belt that was attached to the Faux Fur Vest, UO Dress, Steve Madden Lace Up Boots)

Two of my favorite things on a rainy day: Evelyn's Cake from my favorite French bakery and Vanilla Latte from Aimeebucks
Going to a Christmas party tonight. I have no idea what to wear when it's this cold.

Jak & Jill, Man

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. It's freezing in SF plus it's been raining the past few days
and my umbrella flipped again.


I'm going to a Christmas party tonight with my lovely bf, hopefully the rain stops so I can take pictures.
ah, in the meantime, Vanilla Latte time with my new Espresso Machine that my bf's mom got me.

hehehe, jealous?

DIY A. Wang Style

While reading Lucrecia's blog, I found out about Jazzi's blog and her amazing DIY.
You guys should def. check it out.

The Girl With the Pink Lips

the cobrasnake
(image source: cobrasnake)
Can anybody recommend a pretty pink lipstick like hers?

Ingrid Sophie Schram

ingrid sophie schram
ingrid sophie schram todd selby
(image source: AltamiraNYC, The Selby)

I Change My Mind

I told my Wesley Mason that I didn't want another bag for my birthday/Christmas since it's recession and I'd rather get a nice Knoll sofa instead of the very uncomfortable Ikea sofa in my living room. However, lately I've had two dreams about the nude beige Chanel bag and after seeing Whitney sporting it, I'm pretty sure I'm going to dream about this bag until I have it.
I mean, it's one of those bags that's going to last a lifetime and won't go out of style you know?

(Btw, I'm wearing pretty much the same outfit as Whitney atm except I have boots on instead of cute flats. Oh Whitney!)
Chanel Bag
Whitney Port
(image source: celebrifi)

Remember This?

Su-Chin: I’m having a little trouble concentrating.
Juno MacGuff: Oh well I could sell you some of my Adderall if you want.
Su-Chin: No thanks I’m off pills.
Juno MacGuff: That’s a wise choice because I knew this girl who like had this crazy freak out because she took too many behavioral meds at once and she like ripped off her clothes, and dove into the fountain at Ridgedale Mall and was like, “Blah I am a Kracken from the sea!”
Su-Chin: I heard that was you.
Juno MacGuff: Well, it was good seeing ya Su-Chin.
(image source: Dirty Pretty Things)

I Didn't Forget My Pants

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H&M Faux Fur
H&M Faux Fur
H&M Faux Fur
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(Forever 21 Jacket, H&M Faux Fur Collar, Wesley Mason's H&M Plaid Shirt, Hollister Denim Shorts, Civico Cowboy Boots)

The very first day I wore these boots, I was on my way to Walgreens to buy a giant Kitkat because I was sad and needed energy. On my way down the hills to Walgreens, I slipped and fell right on my knees. I wouldn't have cared so much since I'm really clumsy and this happens often but the really embarrassing part was that people were pretending like they didn't see me fall. I had to get up and pretend like nothing happened which was the most embarrassing part.

A Horseshoe

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(H&M Faux Fur Vest, Zara Shirt, H&M Skirt, Alice + Olivia for Payless Boots)

Denim Shirts & Ray Bans

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(H&M Men's Denim Shirt, H&M Shirt, Modern Vintage Boots)

I got my very first Polarized Raybans and man, they are so awesome. I was so happy to find these I got my sister the big wayfarers (remember me tweeting about how broke I was? now you know why. haha)
Well, the Raybans are kind of an early birthday present from my bf. ehehehe I heart u Wesley Mason.
Btw, Can my laugh be any less hideous? I was talking to my Ira that I needed to do my obnoxious outfit pose and I guess I thought it was really funny. hehehe

Oh, and I promise to post a better picture of my sister. I swear, we really don't look alike. People never believe us when we say we're sisters. The only picture we took together is with her phone. It's really hard to be in a picture together when our noggins are kinda huge......... hahaha

For those who have asked:
The Forever 21 Jacket is a Size Small and yes it's kind of an olive green color.
The BB Dakota Faux Fur Vest is also a size small
The Feather Necklace is from the Fairfax Flea Market. I got it for $15 the past Sunday.