In Full Color

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Although I like the simplicity of black and white interiors, I also love interiors with lots of colors, different patterns and great art.
I don't think I'll be home much this February but once I get back to my apartment, I might have to go on a hunt for the perfect art piece and some great pillows that don't get much use. hehe

How to Tie a Turban

How to Tie a Turban

(H&M Faux Fur Scarf, Forever 21 V-neck Sweater, Tassle Belt from Le Jolie in Melrose, Vintage Snake print Belt, gifted Style by Marina High Waisted Shorts, gifted Botkier Haven Satchel, Chloe Lace Up Oxfords, Bracelets from Anarchy Street, Ring from Mom & YSL)

ok, probably not the best tutorial as I did this without looking in the mirror, but for those who have asked how I tie my little mini turban, here it is!
I used this from American Apparel.

More from the weekend

(Urban Outfitter's Hat, Anarchy Street Top, gifted Scarlet Room Skirt, Deena & Ozza Strappy Sandals, gifted Botkier Haven Satchel, Anarchy Street Bracelet, YSL Artsy Ring)

Isn't this skirt great? It's like a wearable fetish skirt for non-S&M girls. Every time I take this skirt off (btw, I do this when I'm alone. I promise.) I spread my legs and the skirt just falls off which is really fun to do. haha

Weather in California is too good to be true

(Anarchy Street Faux Fur Vest & Athena Sheer Blouse, Vintage Levi's DIY cut-offs, Chloe Lace up Oxford Heels, gifted Botkier Haven Satchel)

With the temperature in the high 60's the entire week, it was hard not to wear shorts.
I'm going to LA later this week then off to a dream vacation next week as soon as school starts so I think my skin will have sun for awhile.
Btw, a few asked me if my hair was naturally wavy. I naturally have pretty straight asian hair but because I wash my hair at night without drying it, and make a bun, or loosely braid it with no hair tie, by the morning it gets a little wavy.

Abandoned Yellow School Bus

(Forever 21 Military Parka, H&M Faux Fur Collar, Forever 21 V-neck Sweater, DIY Levi's Cut-off's, Steve Madden Boots, Anarchy Street bracelet and rings)

These were taken after the dog beach when we headed for a seafood dinner.
Apparently, I felt the need to salute in front of an abandoned school bus. Being a curious creature, I looked inside the school bus and there were different type of animal skulls (steer heads, and deer horns?) and voodoo dolls with scary grudge hair. It was pretty interesting until I saw bare legs moving between the tie-dyed curtains that were hung inside the bus. I guess it wasn't abandoned after all.

Channeling Nicole Trufino


Romantic Hippie Top - $57
Fox Tail - $38

Thank you everyone for the very sweet comments and thoughtful criticism/advices!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. if any of you guys live near San Francisco & Los Angeles and would like to model for other shoots I'm doing send me an email!

*Update*- Please send me a 'non-nude' picture of yourself! Thank you!

Song of Style for Anarchy Street


Photographer & Stylist: Aimee
Assistant Stylist: Mira
Model: Chloe
Hair & Make Up: Dani & Carol

I've been working with a few different companies/brands and photographers styling shoots for the past couple of months and this is one of them except, I didn't just style them but I shot them!
A while back, Anarchy Street asked me to style their jewelry collection and after going back and forth different between photographers they suggested that I shoot the collection.
I've test shot models before when doing castings, but never done anything professional and this was such an amazing experience and I learned so much preparing the shoot and during the shoot.
The jewelry collection is a modern interpretation of tribalism and is very ethnic and bohemian.
I fell in love with all of them and you guys have already seen me wearing them in my previous post.

I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures and the styling and if you have any good constructive criticism on what I can improve on please do share!
Also, you should definitely head over to Anarchy Street's website to view their jewelry collection.

Thank you for the sweet comments guys! For those who asked about the clothes in this shoot, except for the last two outfits, they are all from Anarchy Street!

The Sunlight Capturer Returns

(Vintage Shirt, Dress from Le Jolie on Melrose St., Forever 21 Wedges, 2 Bandit Riders)

I used to love it when my boyfriend and blog outfit photographer took pictures capturing the sunlight. Then daylight savings came along, we got too busy to take outfit pictures during the day, I traveled too much, and we stopped taking pictures w/ pretty sunlights.
Thankfully, my Wesley Mason had Monday off and I ended work early so we went on a lovely date to Fishermen's Wharf, had clam chowder and sea food at Blue Mermaid (one of our favorite seafood place.) and found an empty parking lot on a hill and snapped some pictures!

Winter in California

(Forever 21 Parka & V-Neck Sweater, DIY Vintage Levi's Cut-offs, Target Socks, Boots from Le Jolie in Melrose)

I was too excited to sleep last night when Wesley Mason told me that we would be going to the dog beach with Charcoal since the entire state of California was going through a beautiful warm weekend.
I grew up near the beach back in LA but after moving to San Francisco, thanks to the cold weather, I've only went to the beach once which makes me appreciate a trip to the beach even more. It was actually Charcoal's first time at the beach and he absolutely loved it!

Btw, Happy Martin Luther King's Day! Thank you Mr. MLK for the freedom we enjoy everyday!

Modern Day Gypsy


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