Beach Slapped


(gifted Ben Amun Necklaces, H&M Top & Skirt, Sigerson Morrison Sandals, Anarchy Street Bracelets)

Went surfing at Huntington Beach on Saturday morning with Wesley Mason and while I was getting beach slapped by the waves, Wesley Mason got to surf only 10ft away from the dolphins. I am so sore from being out of shape so we spent our Sunday just chilling by the beach in Malibu. Can't wait to hit the waves again before this summer ends and before I leave for Fashion Week!

Garden Party

(Lush Dress, Steve Madden Heels, Anarchy Street Bracelets, Low Luv Cuff)

Got this beautiful dress from my little sister's closet. She thought it was too girly for her so she willingly gave it to me (after I gave her a pair of shoes.) I love all the bright colors on this dress and the cut of this dress is so beautiful with the kimono sleeves.
Although not pictured, the back of this dress is beautiful too with a very low v-neck, it shows the right amount of skin.

P.S. I'm honored to be on the panel for the IFB conference in New York! Come see me and other fabulous bloggers plus Joe Zee!

Matching Colors

(Zara Top, Vintage Silk Skirt, Giuseppe Zanotti Heels, Coach Bag, Anarchy Street Necklace, Bracelets from Anarchy Street, CC Skye, Low Luv, etc.)

I went fabric shopping today for a client's home and I got inspired by all the beautiful fabric at the stores that I got a few for myself to make something but to be honest, I sort of lack the skills and time to make anything... At least they're pretty to look at for now.

Super Easy Chalkboard DIY



What you'll need: A pretty frame, thin board such as particle board to use as your chalkboard, primer, chalkboard paint, saw, and a roller to paint the board

1. Make a template of the board. If your frame already comes with a board, just use that and sand it so the surface is smooth
2. Saw the board. If you have a wonderful boyfriend like me, ask him to do it for you. (double plus if he cleans the saw dust too!)
3. Apply a coat of primer onto the board and when that dries, paint the board with chalkboard paint
4. Wait at least 3 full days before you start writing!

Warning: Don't start painting it on your skin wondering if you can be a human chalkboard.

*Update* I got my frame from the Fairfax Flea Market this day. See me looking pretty determined to bring the frame back home with me?

Pose for the Camera and the Dripping Paint


Unlike San Francisco, the architecture in LA isn't that interesting; full of Spanish style homes (my favorite btw) and a few Art Deco buildings. However, what we lack in architecture, we make it up with amazing street art. It's like your walking through an outdoor gallery.

I Pledge My Allegiance to a Wall with Stripes

(H&M Crochet Top, Maxi Skirt from Macy's, Sigerson Morrison Sandals, Rebecca Minkoff Clutch, Anarchy Street Necklace & Bracelets, Low Luv & CC Skye Bracelets, Karen Walker Sunglasses)

Photos by Carol G.

This has to be by far the busiest summer I've ever had. Since I've been working on clients' homes and other side projects, I haven't had the time to actually decorate my place so I did a little bit of home shopping today for some necessities (more mirrors and lamps lol)
Planning on slowly decorating my place so I can share with you guys!
Stay tuned!

What to Spend on, What to Save on

Stitch Union $100 Giveaway

(Stitch Union Dress, Guiseppe Zannoti Heels, Anarchy Street Necklace and Bracelets, Alexander Rocco Bag)

This beautiful dress is from Stitch Union and they are giving away $100 of store credit to one lucky Song of Style visitor! To enter, all you have to do is Like their Facebook Page, and leave a comment on their Facebook Wall mentioning Song of Style and include your email address (so you can be contacted if you win). The contest is open for 7 days starting today! Good luck!

There is Pastel Color Blocking Going On Behind Me

(Banana Republic Chambray Shirt, Vintage Shirt, H&M Skirt, Steve Madden Heels, Alexander Wang Rocco Bag, Karen Walker Sunglasses, Anarchy Street Jewelry, Kenneth Cole Watch)

Photos by Dani

Wesley Mason is finally coming back to LA today and I couldn't be happier. Although the past week has been the busiest week ever since I moved back to LA, I missed my Wesley Mason too much and it was no fun. Looking forward to another insanely busy week. Bring it on!
Have a great productive week everyone!

Miroslava Duma


By now most of us know that the lovely Miroslava Duma has a blog but just incase you live under a rock and haven't heard, here it is: Buro 24/7

Work Wear

(ShopSosie Top, Anarchy Street Necklace, Banana Republic Shorts, Isabel Marant Gava Pumps, Alexander Wang Rocco Bag, Low Luv Bracelet, Kenneth Cole Watch, Ray Ban Aviators)

Photos by Carol G.

I've been running around to different places to find the right stone, fabric, hardware, etc. for the design projects I'm working on that by the end of the day my feet were killing me and I was walking like a straight man in heels. Once I finish the design projects I'll try to share with you guys!

P.S. Use the code AIMEESOSIE at checkout to get Free Shipping from ShopSosie from today until next Friday the 19th!

Tennis Player

(Forever 21 Sweater, Vintage Denim Shirt, HereJ Pleated Skirt, Dad's LV Belt, Alexander Wang Rocco Bag, Joe's Jeans Wedge Sandals, Ray Ban Wayfarers, Anarchy Street Bracelets, Kenneth Cole Watch)

Pictures by Carol G.

Didn't know this at the time but looking at the pictures now, I look like I'm off to play tennis in heels. Funny thing is, I can't play tennis at all despite dating a pro tennis player way back when. After 5 minutes of holding the tennis racquet my arm is down on the floor because I have zero arm strength. I think I'll stick to surfing (more like trying not to get too much water up in my nose) and walking my dogs.

Mediterranean Rust


(H&M Top, Sosie Shorts, Guiseppe Zanotti Heels, Alexander Wang Rocco Bag, Kenneth Cole Watch, Anarchy Street & Low Luv Bracelets)

Photos by my mom, therefore not clear. ;)

After a long day of working (I had a 12 hour working day with 9 hours being just physical labor... so exhausted right now) I grabbed dinner with my mom in Pasadena and somehow my outfit was appropriate for the location. I'm loving the color and fit of these shorts especially since I've been wearing a lot of black and denim shorts lately.
Btw, I almost fell in that pond behind me while trying to look all cool. Good thing I have fast reflexes.