How Strange It Is to Be Back Home

(Zara Kimono, Ay Not Dead Dress c/o Fabricly, Vintage Boots)

It feels so good to be back in LA! I spent the day just enjoying the weather and going to my favorite restaurants rather than unpacking.
I'm wearing a dress from a line called Ay Not Dead that Fabricly carries. I love the concept of online boutique. It’s very well curated with only a few selected up and coming designers’ clothes showcased and they handle everything from the sourcing of the fabric to creating the lookbooks. I can't wait to see what other brilliant designers they carry!

I Drooled on My Monitor A Bit..


Photographer Rick Schultz was kind enough to send over these photos of his London flat that he shares with his partner and interior designer Jimmie Karlsson so I can share with you all.
I was speechless at first and it took awhile to take it all in because I absolutely love everything in this flat!
How amazing are the dark gray walls? It's the perfect backdrop for all the colorful furniture and accessories in their flat. The whole space is very masculine yet also very sexy and fun and I love how different this is and how everything is quite unexpected.
So curious what Rick and Jimmie are like in person because I have a feeling that they are extremely sexy and stylish!
Definitely head over to their websites (here & here) for more drool worthy pictures!

$250 Giveaway

1. Le Mont St. Pullover
2. Lover Lace-trimmed Silk Shorts
3. Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag
4. House of Harlow Audrey Sunglasses
5. Jeffrey Campbell Rumble Boots

These are just some of the items that I've 'favorited' on in hopes that Wesley Mason will see my Beso profile and surprise me with anything on there!

Beso is giving away $250 for a lucky reader/visitor of my blog so here are the rules:

1. Create a Beso account, if you haven't already (literally takes 3 seconds)
2. Browse the site and favorite at least 10 items, you can favorite your most covet shops just by clicking here
3. Leave me a comment on this post with your Beso username

Giveaway ends in a week!

Alexa's Walking, Walking and Walking Too!


Walking, Walking, and Walking Some More

(Wesley Mason's Military Jacket, H&M Denim Jacket, American Apparel Stripe Shirt, Society of Rational Dress Brown Leather Skirt, Opening Ceremony Boots, Karen Walker Sunglasses, Fossil Bag)

The best part about packing for a move is when you find a bunch of stuff you forgot you had. In this case, it was Wesley Mason's military jacket which he found stuffed into his Apple computer packaging box alongside all of his clothes back from his Abercrombie days. I managed to salvage this one and wore it right away which was two days ago when I went to my school's Spring Show. I was amazed by all the talented people I go to school with. I definitely have a love and hate relationship with my expensive school but I have to say, we do have a lot of talented artists.
If you're in SF, you should def. stop by the AAU Sping Show. Below are some of my favorites.


Oh, PETA Might Just Kill Me


I don't eat any land meat. Not really a vegetarian, but more of a pescatarian. I don't wear real fur (sorry I do own some leather goods) and I'm big on animal rights but, there's just one thing that I badly want... it's a cow hide rug!!!!
There's something so masculine yet sexy about it and adds a little character to any space. I probably will own one or maybe two in our new apartment and people will probably call me a hypocrite but I can't help it. I love cowhide! I'll just not invite people over who might throw eggs at me!

First image unknown, Rest from alltihemme

Double Rainbow

(Anarchy Street Fuzzy Sweater, Karen Walker Sunglasses, DIY Necklace, Vintage Shirt & Belt, Forever 21 Shorts, My beloved Cowboy Boots that need to be washed/polished, Amrita Singh Rainbow Cuff)

Started packing and just listed a bunch of shoes on Shop Song of Style!
Just letting you guys know 100% of all proceeds will go to STAR (Saving the Animals of Rowan County) and Red Cross for Japan
So help me help others!

The Best Revenge

(Wesley Mason's Cardigan, Revenge Is T-Shirt, Shorts from Le Jolie on Melrose, Surface to Air Wedges-selling Taupe HERE)

I'm big on giving back and I've donated a percentage of everything I've made on my blog to my favorite charities so I'm definitely supportive of companies that have similar beliefs. I'm wearing a T-Shirt from Revenge Is which is a t-shirt company thats commited to helping out our environment, our country and our communities. I love how super soft my t-shirt is and best
yet, it's made out from blend of recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.


Models with golden bands holding their ponytails in Dries Van Noten styled by Paul Hanlon
A look that I'd love to try even if I hate having my hair up

The After Five Event

I had so much fun at the After Five event at the Banana Republic store on Thursday. I was surprised how many sweet readers came out and I even got to style them! Get ready for a picture overload!

Delicious sangria was served

This pretty reader who's originally from Portugal stopped by after work to see me and cracked me up when she told me that she couldn't find any bikini bottoms in the States because they cover the entire butt whereas in Europe, they like to showcase their butts!

Sangria and tweeting about the event!

Isn't her lace skirt super cute? especially with those OTK socks? She was so sweet and told me she was going to Italy and Spain this summer with her family so I helped her pick out some summer outfits!

Laura, Me, Amber and Wesley Mason creeping behind us.

More blog readers! I saw these two girls around the store and thought they were just cute shoppers but they told me they were just too shy to say Hi to me! So glad I got to meet them because they were so cute!

Chugrad, the photographer of the event! Wesley Mason was able to snap a picture of him snapping us!

This young blog reader was super sweet and shy! I love how she brought her mom to see me! I was so flattered!_MG_1725
Lastly but not least, I entered the Virgin America drawing in hopes to win a trip to LA but unfortunately did not win but some guy named Peter did! Jealous!

I sincerely thank everyone of you who came out to see me. I really felt special and flattered when you guys came up to me and thank you so much to those who let me style you! Also, thank you to Banana Republic for including me in the After Five event!

P.S. I'm done with finals! thank you for the kind tweets/emails! I'll be blogging regularly now! YAY!