Malandrino Fall RTW

While looking for the perfect leopard heels on google (still haven't found them for my budget) I found this brand. The leather snakeskin leggings, crazy cut out top, leopard capes, crazy necklace (and more!) are all layered amazingly and is everything that I'm coveting for Fall and Winter.
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Muted Girliness


Remember the Song of Style Me Contest?
The winner of the contest was this entry and I love how she brought out the girly side of me.
The other two winners will receive a $25 giftcard and will be announced on Threadsence's FB page!
To thank everyone, the awesome people at Threadsence are offering all of you a 15% discount
use code: SongofStyle15

I'm leaving for New York in less than a day so if you have any suggestions as to where I should visit please let me know. This trip I'll actually have time to look around and explore the city!

My Boots Called the Riders and so They Came

(Metallic Knit Top from H&M, gifted 2 Bandits Riders, Su-shi bag)
Days like today (and yesterday) when I have a million projects due for school and haven't gotten any sleep (or maybe only an hour of sleep) and literally have 15 minutes to get ready and catch the school shuttle, I put on my most comfy boots and just hope I don't look too horrible.
Thanks to the creative team behind 2 Bandits, my boots get their own bling bling so even if their owner doesn't look her best, they can look a little more presentable.

Grainy Pictures Tell it All

(H&M Leather Jacket from the Men's Section, Vintage Harley Davidson Shirt, H&M Suede Panel Pants, Moschino Suede Cut out Heels, YSL artsy ring & Anarchy Street rings, Su-shi Bag)

The past two weekends I've been busy doing some fun photo shoots (will post details later) giving me no Wesley and Aimee's movie time so today even though the weather in San Francisco was super sad, we decided to watch Jackass in 3D. Let's just say I had to take my 3D glasses off and cover my eyes during some scenes just so that I wouldn't throw up.
Over all it was a disgusting and shocking yet very hilarious movie.

Fall Perfection

This outfit is just perfection. The fur collar with the striped trimmed blazer, beautifully pleated yellow skirt, circle sunnies and leather handbag in her hand finished with suede ankle boots- the best grown up school girl look I've ever seen.
(image via Wayne Tippets)

Can't Get Enough of Leopard

leopard inspo
What I wish was wearing..
(image source: Celebrity Gossip, TFS)

It's Parka Weather

(Forever 21 Military Parka, gifted Style by Marina Draped & Ruched Dress, NYLA Boots)

Originally I wanted to take a picture without the jacket because the ruching on this dress is pretty amazing but it was too cold so I'll have to save that for another post.
Days are getting shorter and the fog comes in so quick it feels like I'm living in San Francisco again.

Back in September

while I cope with my annoying sickness and midterms, I leave u two pictures from NYFW that I stole from Christina.
Btw, I'm going to New York next week! woo hoo
Hope you guys are staying happy and healthy!

I was wearing an Urban Outfitters Tank and my mom's Roberto Cavalli leopard skirt (back from the 80s I believe..) that I also wore in this post for New Years. The wedges are from Topshop.

Leather and Leopard

eurowomanoctober2010 maria palm
Leather and Leopard awfully go well together

Maria Palm Lyduch by Dennis Stenild for Eurowoman October 2010
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Screen shot 2010-10-16 at 1.21.10 AM
Thank you Perrie from AMNY for including me in the influential bloggers series although I really don't think I'm as influential as the amazing gals I was featured with..
Also remember the Chanel jacket post where I was suppose to be in the magazine but missed the deadline? well, i'm on Glamour's site! hehe thank you! Hope you guys have a great Saturday and thanks for visiting my blog!

Wrinkled Linen

(gifted Modcloth half tinted sunglasses, gifted Quiksilver Top via revolve, Zara button down linen skirt, Anarchy Street shearling ankle boots)

It's crazy how wrinkly linen gets by the end of the day although I did sit up and down all day long at school.
I'm kind of excited about these shearling ankle boots that I got and can't wait to wear them with socks on colder days. They are surprisingly comfortable except when I first put them on I put the left one on my right and my right on my left and walked around the house in them thinking they just fit weird until I realized that I had them on the wrong feet! Does anybody over five still do that?

Song of Style Me Contest


Here is a fun contest/giveaway!
The fun team at Threadsence will like for you guys to create an outfit for me using a minimum of 3 pieces from their website and the winner gets $75 Threadsence gift card and I'll wear the winner's outfit on my blog! =D

Here are the contest rules:

* Outfit must contain a minimum of 3 pieces
* Budget cannot exceed $150

* If there are identical outfits, credit goes to the first one who comments on my post.

* Contest ends Thursday at 5pm PST

* Top three finalist will be announced on Friday both here and Threadsence's facebook page.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! =D Please include a link to the outfit creation on the comment section. Thank you <3
Thank you for all the entries! can u guys please post your outfit creations on my comment section instead of emailing me please? It's just so that the Threadsence team can also view the entries.
Thank you for understanding and I'm loving what you guys have created so far!
so fun!!! =D

Tough Lace


The unusual color of this lace dress, the unusual cap sleeved leather jacket, and the mix of chains and studs makes this outfit so interesting. Plus she's got that beautiful blue eyes to top it off.

Chanel for the Day

(Chanel Jacket, Eryn Brinie blouse, Anarchy Street Slashed Skinny Jeans, Bakers Pumps)

These pictures were taken for a magazine awhile back when they asked me to style a Chanel jacket but I submitted my interview questions a little too late so unfortunately I didn't make it to the deadline. boo.. at least I was lucky enough to wear a brand new Chanel jacket and called it my own for a day.
it's THURS-DAAAY! guess what city I'll be in?

Fall Cravings

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leopard print, blue velvet pumps, smaller hand bags, capes, jeans, bright yellow trench, and of course a sheer dress with shearling ankle boots

(via mr.newton, carolines mode, tommy ton for

The Basics

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Basics for me means a clean white shirt, jeans, and a lot of gold jewelry.
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