A Good Alternative


If you're running out of closet space like me, the Stolmen closet system from Ikea might be a good alternative.
Closet organization is definitely on top of my New Year's Resolution along trying to start eating healthy and working out.
What are yours?

Disney World for the Plant Lovers

(H&M Metallic Sweater, Red Pants/Leggings from Le Jolie in Melrose, Steve Madden Platform Boots/Heels)
Found this amazing pottery place in Studio City while looking for Mc Donald's with my sister.

Model Friends

karl lagerfeld 170410

I love these images with a bunch of gorgeous and well dressed models hanging out / walking together.
They remind me of 2010's New Years when I hung out w/ my stylish blogging buddies and also during New York Fashion Week when all of us were dressed up to the max every single day. haha
Not sure what Wes & I will be doing on 2011's New Years but I hope you guys get to celebrate it with your loved ones and have tons of fun!
Oh, and Happy Christmas Eve!

(images via dailyfashionfix tumblr, ilovewildfox)

There is Nothing Traditional About My Holiday Dress

had to take a quick picture of my new holiday dress that arrived today!
I am definitely packing this sweetie to LA. Just need to find a party to wear it to! :)
Hope you guys are having a great week and have a happy holiday~!

Blushing in PInk - and My Messy Apt

(Forever 21 Parka, H&M Faux Fur Collar, Anarchy Street Orange Scarf, Dad's Versace Belt that he left at our old place which I quickly stole, Mom's Vintage Pleated Skirt, Steve Madden Lace Up Ankle Boots, Su-shi Bag)

oh, how long have I waited to take an outfit picture!
Since Wes has left us to spend time with his family for Christmas, Charcoal and I were left alone in this gloomy rainy weather. Today was a little better than the other days as it rained on and off and I finally had some free time so Charcoal and I met up with a friend of mine from school for an early dinner and before we were done with our dinner it started pouring again.
I heard it's raining like this in the entire state of California. Hopefully by tomorrow the rain will stop since Charcoal and I will be flying back home to LA.
Anybody doing anything fun for Christmas?

Video from Bebe's Shoot

i look so funny and awkward when I laugh. lol

This Will Make You Read


Now that my finals are over, I think I might have actually have time to reorganize and decorate my apartment.

Purple Fur in the Most Unlikely Place

(Asos Purple Faux Fur Jacket, BDG V-Neck, Arden B. Skinny Jeans, Steve Madden Heels)

I can't believe I wore a fur jacket to Hawaii. hahaha
Luckily I did pack a bathing suit which I was able to live in during the 3 days I was there.
I have one more final project that's due today and I'm a free woman! YAY well, at least until next semester starts.

Btw, I filmed a mini video for BEBE during the photo shoot which I'm a little embarrassed to share with you guys as I sound very stupid but enjoy the pretty clothes with the volume down! haha
Hope you guys are having a stress-free week!

Birthday Curse Broken

Happy Friday! Guess what day it is besides Friday?
My Birthday!
I'm really not a big birthday person because I have this thing kind of like a birthday curse where all of my birthdays except two that I can remember have been crappy. However, today's a little different as two exciting things are happening!

First, remember this post where I came back from a photo shoot and had my make up and hair done? Well, it was for BEBE and now the shoot is up!
I teamed up with BEBE and picked out some of my holiday favorites to share with you guys.

Second of all, I am typing this at an airport! To break my crappy birthday curse, Wesley Mason surprised me today to a Hawaii birthday getaway for the weekend.
I had no idea till we got to the airport because he planned it so well!!
eeeeeek, I am so excited as I've never been to Hawaii and I can't believe he did this for me.
I am one lucky girl.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and please hop over to to check out my holiday gift guide! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Wake Up to This...


I am normally not a fan of super girly, victorian/rococo-esque interiors but this is just too lovely. Imagine waking up to this every morning.
The best part? Majority of it is decorated w/ Ikea furniture and accessories.

via Ikea

It's December but Still Warm in LA

(Anarchy Street Leopard Jacket, gifted Forever 21 Minnie Mouse Shirt, DIY Levi's Denim Cut-Offs, Forever 21 Wedges, gifted 2 Bandits Riders)

I had full make up on for a photo shoot last Friday and had my hair colored the night before. Originally it was dyed to a super dark brown color very close to black then I freaked out because I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. I haven't had dark hair for so long and it was a bit of a change from my previous color so Annika and Dani toned down(or brightened?) my hair by using the color corrector stuff at 2 am in the morning. It's actually darker than it is in these pictures but overall I'm pretty satisfied with my new hair color especially since Annika is so good about not letting my hair get damaged.

For those that were asking about the music in my last video blog, It's by Regina Spektor and the song is called "Fidelity"
Hope you guys have a happy Monday and a great week!

This Ain't No Weapon.... Yet


Got these bone heeled ankle boots from the lovely Chiara from The Blonde Salad literally right before I was leaving to the airport for LA. I was just going to try them on to see how they fit but they were too rad and surprisingly very comfortable to not be worn so I wore them to the airport.
My boyfriend joked that I wouldn't be able to pass through security because they'd think it's a weapon. Well, I guess it is a weapon of art.

P.S. Thank you all so much for your kind words on the video! I'm really glad you guys like it!!

New York in Motion

Time for another video blog!
I was originally going to post this video of my last month's NY trip a couple of days ago but You Tube blocked my audio and my lovely boyfriend had to dispute with Youtube that I wasn't making any profit out of the music used in the video so they finally approved the sound! YAY

Can you spot any familiar faces other than mine?

I'm currently in LA working for a few different photoshoots (details to come!) so hope you enjoy the video and have a great weekend!
Thank you all for being such amazing visitors/viewers/readers!