Floral Impressions

(H&M Garden Collection Maxi Dress)

This dress originally looks like this but it was a bit too much for me with all the ruffles going on and I felt like I was wearing a costume. To make it less costume-y I tied the the two straps together and safety pinned it. All went well until... well until Charcoal decided he wanted to jump up and bite my dress and my dress came undone and I was standing just with my underwear on. Fortunately it was in front of my boyfriend only. lol
Now I'm off to the airport to go to Dallas, TX for a fun shoot. woo hoo!
Hope you guys have a wonderful week and for those who are going back to school, Good luck on your first day of school! <3

Palm Drive

(Eryn Brinie Blouse, Anarchy Street Slashed Skinny Jeans, Vintage Boots, Buckled Doctor's Bag courtesy of Fashops)
I know I can't beat last year's traveling which consisted of 13 plane rides, but I'm off to Texas on Monday then to New York the week after and back to LA at the end of the month of September.
I'm kind of excited for Texas as I've never been there before and I seriously can't wait for warm weather. I know I talked about how beautiful San Francisco was a few days ago but the guy who's in charge of the weather up there decided to give us cold windy weather once again which resulted in Wes, Charcoal, and I to go to Palo Alto today. I might just have to move to Palo Alto if I can't move back home just because it's 5 degrees warmer!

Burberry Prorsum Shearling Aviator Jacket

Definitely one of the most coveted jackets of this season.

1. Bianca Balti for Harpers Bazaar Spain September 2010, 2. Eniko Mihalik for Harpers Bazaar US September 2010, 3. Sasha Pivovarova for Numero #116 September 2010
(All images via Fashion Gone Rogue)

Sun in the City

(Floppy Wool Hat, Vintage Dress, Vintage Boots)

God must have heard Wes and I complaining about the weather because San Francisco was unbelievably beautiful the past 3 days.
This super hot 80 degrees + weather has made my trip to go get Mexican food that much more enjoyable.

There's a Party Going on in Every Corner


My popular and super down to earth blogger friends Rachel and Taghrid invited me to the Havianas Party on Saturday and I had a blast. I was reunited with Natalie my dance partner whom I met at the Forever 21 party, met Geri for the first time and was seriously blown by her flawless skin and cute drunkness.
The best part about the party? Free In-n-Out burgers, tacos, free drinks, and a flip book booth.
Natalie uploaded a flip book of us which you can see here.

A Conversation With the Trees

(Gifted Charlotte Russe Lace Dress, NYLA Platform Boots)

These photos were taken during our drive back to San Francisco from LA.
Besides talking about how sad Charcoal seemed to be away from his new girlfriend Bijju, 90% of our conversation was about how much we wanted to move back to LA.
Waking up to sunshine every morning instead of fog was such a pleasure and walking the dogs in my boxer shorts and T-shirt felt so much better than walking Charcoal in a faux fur coat with boots.
I'm really going to try my hardest to go back home at least once a month. =)


What I've been doing lately....
Trust me, the end product is much nicer and awesome

Put Your Back Into It


Showing your back is far more sexier than showing your boobies.
Get them Here and Here

Welcome to the Gallery

Image Hosted by
(Sheer Black Top courtesy of We Are Rubbish, Aztec Print Skirt- Forever 21, Boots- N.Y.L.A)

Photos by my sister Dani
A while back a visitor/reader noticed that I was wearing my YSL ring upside down.... hahaha I thought that's how it was suppose to be.
Thanks to the anonymous person who left that comment. The ring looks a lot better this way

Great Pleasure to Be Back on Melrose

(Vintage Top, Hollister Denim Cut-Offs, Forever 21 Wedges, Urban Outfitters Sunglasses)
Remember my wide brimmed straw hat I got from Melrose awhile back (This post)? A lot of you guys have emailed me asking which specific store it was from but me being super bad with names I couldn't remember where. I finally found out it's called Le Jolie when I went back to Melrose Street today and they seriously have a great collection of everything. I couldn't take my eyes off of their amazing fringe jackets and the slashed knit top that I'm holding in the picture. The prices were actually very reasonable (the slashed top was around $40 and the jacket was around $60?)
Another great store that I love on Melrose is Slow. It's a second hand vintage store and they seriously have the best shoe collection and are also very reasonably priced. Too bad (or maybe a good thing) some of the shoes that I really wanted were too small on me but I did leave with two vintage boots for a great price.
Oh, and how amazing are those boots with the crazy heels I tried on? It was surprisingly comfortable.

Sheer and Stacked


None of my outfits were as amazing as these lovely ladies but pretty much the warm weather in LA has allowed me to wear a lot of sheer tops with shorts and as always, I've been stacking up on jewelry whether they are rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Especially my outfit today was pretty similar to the last one except mine was a nude toned jumpsuit.

(images via The Electric, Tobacco and Leather, Richard Baily for Australia Vogue, Knight Cat and Google Images)

Charcoal and Maimee in Union Square


Before I left for LA (beautiful, hot sunny weather here unlike SF btw) Charcoal and I were snapped by Brittany, a super sweet street style photographer for Work It, Berk.
As you can see in the last picture, I was trying to blow a whistle so that Charcoal would look at me haha and yes, I am once again carrying my beloved Botkier Ava bag. I tend to over carry/wear and eat things until I'm sick of it. hehehe
Atm, foodwise, I've been eating frozen yogurt every single day. When hot weather permits, I take advantage of it =)
Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!