Guess Who's Back?

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The shoes I've packed for my trip
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(Random white flannel, Hollister Shorts, Dirty Laundry Boots)

For a month, unless I find the perfect pants that fit me well, you guys will only see me in shorts/skirts or dresses due to the fact that I totally forgot to pack my jeans. No wonder everything fit in one big luggage.
I am now in my grandma's house in South Korea and she has the best view ever. I was here like 6 years ago and I remembered the amazing ocean view from her place and the ocean view is now even better since Korea has gotten their own little bridge across the water.
Aside from being amused by all the high tech in this small country,
I realized that driving in a foreign country can cause a major traumatic experience. I was seriously horrified by the way people drive. No offense to anyone but I think Korean men might have the worst road rage ever..
After yesterday's horrifying driving experience I have now handed the key over to my grandma's driver and have absolute no interest in driving here again. haha