A New Beginning. Well, Sort of.

I've been trying (with the help of my wonderful boyfriend) for about 2 hours to put in my dresser into the closet and after cutting the base moldings(there goes my deposit!), dropping the huge dresser on my boyfriend's toes and fingers at least twice, and after cussing more than anyone I know we finally succeeded in putting that mofo in.

Ah, I've been so stressed lately. My family has finally evacuated and I finally quit that Hookah Restaurant Project after putting up with so much crap.
It sucks because the design they are using are all mine. seriously, all mine and none of theirs. The ones that the owners edited out were theirs. It pisses me out that after going through all the crap they put me to I couldn't take it any longer but then I feel so glad that I told the two kids I was working with that I refuse to work with them anymore. I'm sorry I'm not a pothead. I'm sorry I've got other important things to do than trying to pretend like I am coming up with ideas while smoking pot.
Aimeeways, enough being negative! After the big exhaustion, I found this in my inbox.
A sketch from Nathalie
Honestly, I don't deserve such drawing, and I feel super honored...
Thank you.