Answers: Part Uno

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Thank you for the questions! The questions and answers got a little too long so I answered most of the fashion related questions on a V-log and the rest here. Aslo those who emailed me, I will email you back very very soon. So sorry it's taking forever. I'm really not playing hard to get and I promise to email everybody back! =)
and I finished recording the Vlog but I'll post that this weekend after I put some music on it since it's really boring and stupid at the moment.

Brigadeiro asked: Who is your favourite architect? And which are your favourite 'buildings'?
- It changes all the time as I discover more architects but currently I can't get over how awesome Sydney Opera House which was designed by Jorn Utzon

Anonymous asked: what do your parents do?
- My dad is a doctor and my mom volunteers at a non-profit organization. Btw, my parents don't give me any money. They stopped being my go-to money source in 2005.

hellohoneyno & ellevictoire asked: what's your strategy with getting your pictures taken outdoors like favorite time of the day for that and do you ever feel self-conscious about bystanders watching you pose in your outfits?
- I just pretend like I'm a tourist and that's probably why my poses are really boring. lol I love taking pictures outside when it is sunny and bright.

Francheska asked: Favorite food? favorite movies? favorite music?
- Korean Food, Japanese Food, Mexican Food.
Love Actually, My Girl, Bridget Jones Diary both 1 & 2, Fight Club, Lion King
Hip hop and Gangsta Rap(Tupac, back in the days Nas)

Charlene Ashley Dy asked: What are your tips in blogging successfully?
- Thank you! I don't know what is considered a successful blog. For me, I'm just glad I have a lot of readers that I can share the same interest in fashion... I love taking pictures of my outfits and having a place to showcase it. =) I really don't have a definite answer for your question....

Anonymous asked: I was always curious why aren't you a fashion major
- I just like designing places more than designing clothes. It really wasn't a hard decision when choosing my major. The only time I ever wanted to be a fashion designer is so that I can have my own fashion show and wanted to do some kind of crazy walk down the runway when the show is over and everybody is clapping for me. lol

Lini asked: Who is your favortite designer? And your favorite place to shop??
- i don't think i have just one favorite. I like to shop at Urban Outfitters. I always find something I like everytime I go there and forever 21 just because they are so cheap and have lots of different options, H&M, Zara, and I am starting to like French Connection too

Shirley asked: Just one quick question - do you have any tattoos?
- Yes. I have one on my wrist and one of my back. The one on the wrist hurt so bad i didn't finish it. I chickened out and I'm planning on finishing it very soon. The one on my back... I regret till this day for getting such a stupid tattoo. It was my first tattoo and I was seventeen and stupid.

Heini asked: What breed is your dog?
- This is one email/comment I get the most. I think I get at least 5 emails everyday asking me what breed Charcoal is. Charcoal is a mixed breed. The shelter we got him from says he is a Chihuahua mix.

Anonymous asked: What advice do you have for dressing stylish yet still appropriate for school? -If basics are boring for you, I say try cute loose shirts with prints. Pair them with a high wasited skirts and flats. Whenever I have nothing to wear in my closet and I only have 15 minutes to get ready and leave the house because I turned the alarm off just so I can get 20more minutes of sleep, I just grab whatever dress I see, wear a biker jacket or denim jacket and my biker boots. Seriously that's the easiest thing I can wear without looking too boring.

Violet asked: What do you wear on days when your just to sick but you still go out into the world?
- This is similar to the question above. My easiest outfit it just wear any flowy dress with a jacket and boots.
If I'm going out to say maybe a bar, then I pack my heels.

Julia 'So Thankful' asked: What's the biggest misconception people have about you?
- Not eating a lot. People think I don't even weigh 100 lbs and that I don't eat a lot. Well, I do weigh more than 100 lbs and I actually eat WAY more than my 160lbs bf and all of my guy friends. This is what my normal daily intake is: 1 1/2 cups of coffee with lots of unhealthy creamer, 1 apple, a huge lunch such as panda express or a footlong subway with chips, and 4 slices of pizza for dinner and a yogurt for dessert. Plus I eat 2 packs of dried mangoes every time I'm at work. lol

slegna asked: What's your goal (in the next 5 years)?
- I would love to be designing homes, hotels, clubs, restaurants all around the world. Also, it'd be awesome if I am in a position where I could donate lots of money to charities..

rabbit asked: If you have drawings, can you show them?
- I will. They aren't really that good. They're just sketches... I will soon.. =)

Anonymous asked: What nationality are you? Also do you speak any other languages?
- I'm Korean and part Japanese from my mom's side. I speak English and Korean fluently although I have a little accent when I speak Korean. (I don't notice it but people tell me I say certain things in a funny way) I understand Japanese and can read it but I have to think to say certain words. I also can order food in Spanish.

-I used to eat very healthy but recently (since this semester started) I've been eating very unhealthy and I actually did gain a few pounds since my jeans are super tight on me. The reason I think I don't gain as much weight as I should is probably good genes.....? My dad is 6'4 has super long legs and is extremely fit. My mom eats alot(not as much as me. but pretty close) and is pretty small. So I'm guessing it's in the genes. But the other thing is, ever since I moved to San Francisco I did lose like 3 lbs and I think it's because I walk a lot. I probably walk at least a mile every day and plus I don't eat any red meat.

Mads asked: Where is your favorite camwhore spot in the city?
- Parks! Any where, where there is grass since it's so hard to find such place.

Phyllis asked: How do you get your hair so gloriously long and shiny??
- I haven't cut my hair since summer so that's probably why it's long. lol I can't wait to go home and for my sister to give me a hair cut. I wash my hair every other day. Used to wash it everyday and realized that it dried my hair out so I guess that's my hair secret?

ella asked: Would love to see a video post thing, maybe a wardrobe tour?
- My closet needs to be cleaned......... haha Maybe one day..

TALI asked: What is our occupation...and how did you start? Also what do you do for fun? Do you go out with your girl friends alot or do other things?
- I intern at an Architecture Firm in the city. My professor hired me. I think it's because I actually did all of my homework and worked my butt off in his class. lol
I also worked at the San Franciso Design Center for a year and a half until Wednesday.
I answered 'what I do for fun' question via the V-log.
I used to go out with my girlfriends in LA all the time but ever since I moved to SF, I haven't really gone out much since I'm always busy doing my hw and projects during weekends. (in reality, I have no friends here. lol)

Tigeren aka Chau asked: Have you ever been to Skandinavia?
- Nope, but if I do, yes, you can definitely be my tour guide! hehe

LoveMore asked: DREAM job?
- Traveling around the world, designing beautiful places that will last for decades or even centuries.... and being the world's favorite interior designer.

Francheska asked: Los Angeles , New York or San Francisco?
- If I had a lot of money, it wouldn't matter since I could move around. I love Hollywood Hills pero no tengo dinero. I'd love to be in Kentucky during the spring/summer months and I like visiting NY and SF but not living there/here due to the weather. So for now, definitely LA!

Tigeren aka Chau and Seah asked: How do you do your hair? Which product to you use?and how do you bleach your hair, and which color?
- It's naturally super straight, but I always tie my hair at night before I sleep and when I wake up it becomes wavy. I don't use any products on my hair.
My hair color is
L'Oreal's Brunette Preference. Normally I do it when I'm in LA so my sister or my mom can help me, but I did it by myself last time so it looks a bit weird....

Ula asked: What (and where) are your favourite thrift/vintage stores in San Francisco?- What are your favourite clubs/pubs/bars?- Where do you like to hang out, what are your favourite SF spots in general?
- I haven't really went thrifting in San Francisco. I've been to this one store in the mission(they have a lot) and bought a bracelt and a blazer. I forgot the name but it was on mission and 19th street.
I don't have any favorite club or bar in San Francisco. I hate all of them. In LA, I like My House, Big Wangs(until we got kicked out because my friend got into a fight. lol) and the Standard Hotel in downtown LA.

Ula asked: What camera and lens does your boyfriend use to take pictures of you?
- I use Canon Rebel XSI. He has like four different lens but the main was we use or used to use is the 50mm F1.8 until Wesley Mason dropped it and made a hole in it. (btw, this is the second time he's done that)