a B +!

Sorry my lovely readers for being MIA for a few days.
I've been extremely busy working on my final projects and have been super sick since Saturday but I have officially finished all of my finals! YAY YUH!
Despite the fact that I've been staying at school till midnight and was up till 4am, I wasn't able to get the A I wanted but passed those classes with a B+.
Since I finally had a little bit of time today, I did a quick facelift to my fugly sofa/futon.
If I had a lot of time I would've went to a fabric store and would've upholstered it but since all I had was a couple of hours, I just went to Ross and got a King size blanket and covered the sofa then decorated with some extremely cheap Urban Outfitters pillows.

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(Oversized Knit Top from Japan, Jeans from Urban Outfitters)

This is my fugly sofa/futon before:
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and this is my sofa/futon after:
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I'll get back with all the links and comments hopefully by the end of this week.
Thank you for being so patient with meeh!
Love, Aimee