New Strappy Shoes

I saw these gorgeous shoes from Princess Lloyddia and the minute I found out it was less than $30 I decided to purchase them. I've never really bought anything from online so I was very skeptical and a little bit scared but the really inexpensive price convinced me to get it.
I haven't worn them outside yet but they fit well except that the zipper is very poorly made (it took me several tries trying to zip and unzip) and I don't think these are meant for long walks.
Aimeeways, I'm planning on wearing these in LA since I won't have to walk much.
Yay for new shoes!

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btw, somebody was asking me why my cheeks were so red in the previous post and it's partially because I am wearing blush plus I was so happy when I opened the gift I guess I became overly excited and whenever I'm excited I turn a little red. haha