Meet Me Half Way

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Some of my favorites from the Stylsightings website.
I'm really loving ruffles,pleated details, strong shoulders(that aren't too manly), cape coats, and those beautiful ankle details on those shoes.
I'm inspired... Bank account, are you inspired too?

Update: So my boyfriend just saw these photos, and made the funniest(meanest) comments.
Here is what he said about #3: It's the fugliest thing I've ever seen. Why does she have weird looking shoulders?
About #4: She looks like she put on a blanket over her. She looks half homeless.

This is my boyfriend who lives in shorts 24/7.
I try not to take his advice on clothes.
He hates all of my floral dresses and says that they look like grandma's dresses.
At least he loves me in just a t-shirt and jeans which is his favorite combo.

I still love him.