Wearing a Summer Dress

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(People's Libeartion Leather Jacket, Urban Outfitters Tube Dress, Sergio Rossi Heels)
Went to the fabric store to get upholstery fabric for this awesome wingback chair I bought off from craigslists, but ended up coming home empty handed because I couldn't find the fabric I wanted. Sometimes, I can be a little too picky.

Aimeeways, I just finished reading The Help, and this was such a good book. I read this book in less than two days. When my bf and I were going to watch Zombie Land (btw, really hilarious movie) I was thinking about the book the whole time until the movie started. Once I started reading the first chapter I just couldn't let go of the book. I was reading instead of going on the computer and reading while I was eating, drinking coffee, going to the bathroom to take #2 (lol sorry.)
My boyfriend hates to read but I'm going to make him read this book because it's that good. For those who hate reading, just read the first 3 pages and you will be hooked. You have my word on this.