Head Filled with Elsewhere

hola aimee song
bonjour aimeesong

This was a couple of weeks ago when San Francisco was still somewhat warm. Now it's back to foggy and windy weather and this weekend its suppose to rain. booo at least I have nothing but work and a ridiculous amount of final projects to do so I won't be missing out too much.

For those who've asked me how I walk the gigantic hills in high heels, the trick is, I hold on tight to my boyfriend and take baby steps! no joke. It's actually easy going uphill but I have tumbled a couple of times (more like 10 times and I still haven't learned my lesson) walking down the hill.
The other trick is, I wear comfortable heels! When I'm doing a lot of walking, I wear my wedges or or platform boots/heels. When it's just going to dinner or somewhere close like in this post, I'll wear my high heels and Wesley Mason just suffers a bit.
Sometimes I pack my sandals/flats inside of my bag and change into heels and when I'm not carrying a big enough bag I put them into my bf's cargo shorts pockets. hehe