8 1/2

"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend"
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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(Arden B. Leather Jacket, American Apparel T-Shirt, A&F Denim Shorts, Dirty Laundry Boots)
Currently watching: Animal Cops(with the sound off cus it's so sad. I want to beat the crap out of every single asshole who torture animals. I want to slowly burn them upside down and watch them suffer. ok, maybe not to that extent)
Currently listening to: OPM

My boots are bigger than my boyfriend's noggin.
I normally wear 7 to 71/2 and these are 8 1/2. Despite the fact that it's super huge, I still bought them because I couldn't resist the ridiculously cheap price tag(just under $40!) and the fact that I've been looking for short flat boots.
and since I've been doing nothing but sleeping and eating these days (and work a little) my denim shorts fit me perfectly now. These used to be so huge that I could pull them off even with the zipper up. Now, it just fits perfect.