Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

Happy New Year!!!
Best wishes to each and all of you and Thank You for tuning into my site and supporting my sometimes random fashion style!

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(Vintage Fur Jacket, Forever 21 top, Express Jeans, and second hand boots)

Oh and the fur jacket is a second hand that I found at a Vintage Store couple days ago.
I was really debating whether to get it or not since it's real fur and I feel really, really bad. BUT, I tried to justify myself because I bought it second hand and I can't let the animal's death go to waste no? and also, I thought since I do feel bad about it it's better for me to wear it than some random person who doesn't care about animals to wear it.

My New Year is definitely the best New Year I have had so far. I just got back to San Francisco on the 31st to spend it with my lovely boyfriend and guess who came the next day? My whole family including my doggies! We spent the first day of 2009 doing a little tourist stuff in the city.I'm sad that they were only able to spend a day in the city due to their busy schedule, but thankful that I was able to spend my New Years with the people I love.