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I've been tagged by Eelie to do a 10 things list and Tiffany and a few other wonderful ladies in the past to do 6 random things about me so I shall do all this at once! =)

10 Things i love:
I. The beach
II. People who do good deeds just for the hell of it
III. All animals minus dirty pigeons
IV. My family (including all dogs, past dogs and cats) and friends
V. My boyfriend and his family
VI.When my dogs choose me over my sister. Best feeling ever! haha
VII. Good music by talented people
VIII. Caramel Frappuccino with no whip cream and home made fruit smoothies
IX. Sleeping without having to wake up at a certain time.
X. Getting massages

10 things i loathe:
I. When I'm talking on the phone by myself without realizing the other person got cut off due to bad service
II. Dirty streets, dirty pigeons
III. My eczema. seriously, i get depressed and feel all alone.... :(
IV. People who use the Christ's name in vein and condemn gays, lesbians, non virgins, etc. That's not being Christian because Christians don't hate. We congratulate~
V. Those who mistreat and abuse people and animals. I will never understand how this could ever happen.
VI. bugs, insects, any living thing that's not human, animal, or plant
VII. Very cold weather that numbs my whole body. Once my nose was running and I didn't even feel it. My church teacher told me and it was very very embarrassing
VIII. When somebody eats my food. I'm very selfish when it comes to food.
IX. Ignorant people. people who do drugs, people who hurt others without knowing.
X. When the stupid starbucks guy puts whip cream on my NO WHIP CREAM caramel frapp

Random facts:
I. My bed is always made. thanks to my mom, it's been made everyday since I was 6
II. I'm super duper loyal. Whether it's food, products I use...etc.. I only drink caramel frapp at starbucks, order the exact same thing at restaurants, get coffee ice cream with oreos at coldstone, and the list goes on...
III. I'm super blunt and I tend to get in trouble because of it (I just tend to speak what's in my mind without thinking twice) but I don't cuss. I probably say sh*t like twice a year.
IV. I'm a pescetarian and I never really liked meat that much.
V. I am an extreme germaphobic. I can't share food with people not even with my family, I never let anyone sit on my bed unless they are wearing pajamas, I take my clothes off and change to new clothes as soon as I get home.
VI. My name isn't pronounced Aimee (like Amy) but it's like Ah-Meeh