As always, I got up super late today and didn't have time to curl my hair so my hair is a bit of a mess (last night I just fell asleep right after a shower without having time to dry it)
The gorgeous weather of San Francisco ended as of yesterday and it was freezing once again so I got to wear my new bomber jacket(I just bought like 3 wonder i'm broke lol)

I'm so homesick nowadays. I miss my dogs so much. I can't wait to go back to LA and see my beautiful Malti & Pooma. Now I really got to save, save, and save for plane tickets to LA.

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(bomber jacket, forever 21 top, wet seal leggins, frye boots)

and some inspiration photos of Julia Stegner from Vogue Germany December 2008.
She looks amazing and the photography is great.

(image source:ru_glamour)