I am sooo tired today.
I just got out of a 6 hour class and I could just fall asleep without even taking a shower....(eww)
The weather was nice but as always I left my apartment in a hurry.

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boo! am I too close? lol
(Mom's cardigan & a white top from Ross)

Btw, Kanye West's new album is amazing although he's singing too much and using that crazy computer/electronic effect just like Lil John's lollipop song.
All the beats are good but the lyrics are mostly about break-ups. Quite depressing especially since I'm so tired right now.
Aimeeways, that's all for tonight. I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight
Hope you guys had a great weekend and have a wonderful, amazing, beautiful, & fun week!

Love, Aimee