I realized that my shirt and my blueprint case were the same color so I used it as a prop for my photos. lol
Once again, my face is looking extremly tired, bloated and lifeless and it's all because of lack of sleep.
Every single day, at 2am in the morning this guy who collects bottles near my apartment wakes meeh up because he is super loud. Right when I'm about to fall back asleep I hear sirens going off and then I'm woken up once again. I love living in the city and not having to drive everywhere or sit in traffic for a long time like I used to in LA, but all the crazy drunk people and noises are just driving me crazy and making me miss my beauty sleep that I used to get in LA.
I miss sleeping in peace...............

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(Arden B top, Chip & Pepper Denim)

Lindsay Lohan does Harper's Bazaar Magazine and she is looking super fabulous and sober.
gosh I wish I had all of her clothes.
Especially the last outfit...... Must be nice to have all that money and a hot girlfriend. lol


Love, Aimee