Wet Paint

Dude, when there is a sign saying 'wet paint', it means it's really wet and not to touch the paint
or else you'll get paint on your skirt like meeh! ahh...
I went to go do my 2 weeks of laundry and on my way downstairs to the apartment basement, I saw a sign saying 'wet paint.' I touched it to see if it was wet with a huge pile of laundry on my other hand trying hard not to drop it. Not only did I drop my laundries but also somehow got paint on my skirt but not on my fingers.

aimeeways, I'm watching Animal Planet and Bearman of Kamchatka is playing and oh gosh, those bears are soo cute! I want a pet bear. If I had one, he or she would keep me warm and we'll eat fish together. If I can't get a bear, then a tiger or a lion is fine too. Have you seen Christian the lion from youtube? My boyfriend's mom sent it to meeh awhile ago and it's such a beautiful and heartwarming story.

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(outfit:H&M, forever 21 boots)

Love, Aimee