Malti & Pooma

Today, I am missing my dogs Malti & Pooma more than ever.
I have two Malti-poos back in LA and they are currently living with my parents and my little sister.
I wish I could bring them to San Francisco, but living in a tiny apartment with no yard and very little money (u see, I am a broke college student) I had to leave them back at home. Hopefully my job and bank account will allow me to go back home during Christmas and visit my lovely dogs. It's sad, but I miss them more than my parents or my sister. (hopefully, none of them are reading

This picture was taken on August 18 of 2008 by my lovely little sister.
I miss you Malti & Pooma and see you soon.

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btw, I went surfing couple days before this pic and I was severly burned because I fell asleep after surfing with no sunscreen. That is why my face looks super tiring and my skin is all discolored (plus I have eczema. boo)

Have an awesome aimeeful week! <3

Love, Aimee